Le monde entier est un théâtre,
et tous, hommes et femmes,
n'en sont que les acteurs.
Comme il vous plaira, Acte II, sc. 7

jeudi 15 octobre 2015

Des vols "directs" dans l'hémisphère sud

J'ai trouvé ce commentaire sur la vidéo suivante:


Mark , we tested the non existent southern hemisphere direct flights route theory out by booking and indeed paying for one of the very very few direct flights ( could find only 2 ) , ( Qantas in this case ) and 36 hours before the departure date we were contacted to be told that our flight had be cancelled unfortunately they said , no reason given , we were offered an alternate route exactly 48 hours later for a 20% reduction in cost and an upgrade to first class , we then requested for and indeed got an immediate refund with a free 50 Euro duty free voucher , which i thought was interesting as it was booked in Europe , either way i wonder if this happens all the time  ( the cancellations ) as people would surely cotton on eventually if their direct southern hemisphere flights were constantly cancelled but honestly i think its a route that very few people must book or travel or simply dont cotton on to the fact that its a hideous monstrosity of a cover up or comprehend what it might mean  and so the enormity of the revelation and cover up is enough to throw off say 99.7% of all people , either way our experiment proved conclusive and i believe its decisive information , i can forward you all the details and correspondence if you wish , ive believed for some time now the earth is flat as it also mentions it in the bible as the round of the earth , some people take this to mean sphere and can use various translations to make it translate to a sphere but i believe God means the round and flat of the earth , i dont believe it is an infinite plain after the ice barrier i believe there is an eventual edge but that there are certain lets say forces and anomalies to prevent us getting close enough to touch and mess with the dome or barrier or whatever it is that it is constructed of and i believe the main reason for the cover up is to deny God and his existence and that we are his creation and extremely special and not an insignificant spec of sand amongst a trillion beaches and that we are indeed the centre of the universe but i believe our so called universe is indeed small and an enclosed system , thanks Mark , regards , David

En gros, il dit qu'il a réservé un billet sur un de ces soi-disant "vols directs" dans l'hémisphère sud et que la compagnie (Qantas) a annulé son billet 36 h avant le départ et l'a remboursé et lui a fait une réduc sur un autre vol.

C'est un commentaire YT alors vous en faites ce que vous voulez! Mais si d'autres ont l'occasion de tenter l'expérience...